Just A Buck Program

Kids & Clays offers companies a program called Just A Buck.  The companies involved in the program solicit their employees to each donate $1 per pay check regardless if they get paid weekly, bi weekly, or monthly.  It is then payroll deducted.  For example, if you had as few as 10 employees in your company and got paid every two weeks, at $10 per pay period x 26 pay periods = $260 per year donation! One dollar today doesn’t mean a whole lot to most people but your donations would mean the world to the kids and their families that need it.




Our Caring Sponors

P.O. Box 8833 Michigan City, IN 46361
Doug Jeanneret, Executive Director, 614-266-7303
Zac Lemmon, Program Director, 740-616-0340
Kiley Frazier, Program Manager, 740-777-2433